5 Tips for Maximizing Your Hotel Stay Happiness

If you are planning a vacation, you have probably already chosen your hotel carefully based on the level of service that you will receive, but there are also some things that you can do to maximize your hotel stay happiness.

1. Meet the hotel concierge
The hotel concierge is there to help you have a great experience, so don’t be afraid to introduce yourself and start a relationship. This person is your key to any inside information or hot tips about the happenings in and around your hotel. The concierge is also your go-to for any special occasions or moments that you might be celebrating. My daughter turned 8 years-old during our stay at Hilton San Diego Resort & Spa, and the amazing concierge and staff went out of their way to make her day extra special and super memorable.

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Maximizing hotel stay happiness

2. Tip During Your Stay
Great hotels are all about great customer service. Show your appreciation and your level of care and attention will only get better and better. You are on vacation, so let the hotel staff take care of you. Tip your favorite staff members, and they are certain to keep an eye on your and your family.

I have talked to a lot of people who tip at the end of stay, and that’s important too. However, showing your appreciation earlier in your stay might bump up your level of care, and it might even help to grow a few relationships with staff members. We always leave a hotel with new friends, and I think that appreciation is a key factor.

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3. Research Your Destination
Do some research before your stay to learn a little bit about the history and local happenings. Check local media ahead of time for weather updates, local events and seasonal offerings. Sometimes you can luck out and end up being at the right place at the right time. *Another good reason to check in with the concierge upon arrival.

Don’t forget to visit the Hilton Mom Voyage blog to see if any of the Hilton team writers have covered the area that you will be visiting. I have gained some valuable input from my fellow Hilton writers!

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4. Familiarize yourself with the menu
Nothing is worse than arriving at a destination for an few days to find out that you struggle to find menu items that agree with your pallet. Many hotels provide a complete list of menu options on their websites, or you can always call the hotel to request that menus be sent to you in advance. In the event that you do find the menu challenging, call ahead to find out what options (if any) they might be able to offer. If they have time to prepare for your stay, it will be easier for them to accommodate any special requests.

If you do have food concerns, you might even look into local dining and grocery options, and make sure to be aware of what kind of appliances are in your room should you need them. A small refrigerator can make a huge difference if you are traveling with special needs or need to bring in your own food or beverages.

5. Have (and prepare to embrace!) a plan B
Don’t expect your travel plans to go perfectly and you won’t be devastated when they don’t. Take it from a mother who has learned the hard way. They way that you react to a change of plans can affect the way that your children react, so proceed with caution upon learning of any glitches or cancellations. The good news? Some of our favorite family moments came out of unplanned agenda changes, so sometimes going with the flow really is what vacation is all about!

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