Terry J.

Terry J.

Raised in Hawaii, Terry loves hospitality (ho’okipa) in all of its fantastic forms. From her career with Hilton over the past 23 years in hotels and on the corporate team, to getting involved in the community much thanks to two very active children, to inviting friends over for an impromptu barbeque – Terry loves engaging with people…anywhere, anytime.


Terry graduated from University of Hawaii at Hilo, got married (24 years and counting) and had two beautiful children while on the Big Island of Hawaii. She then moved to the “mainland” where she and her family settled in Seattle in 2003.


Terry loves adventure and has been able to travel the world, all thanks to Hilton.  There is nowhere Terry would rather be than outdoors – no matter the weather – hiking, biking, rafting, kayaking, snowshoeing or just wandering the city streets. She is also an avid reader, visiting the local library every week. Yes, she still reads books and hasn’t yet been able to go digital (she finds there’s something special about moving a bookmark through the chapters and then turning that last page with a sigh…wishing for more).Terry also loves to explore the wine country, whether it’s Napa, Washington, France or South Africa…pour her a glass of red!


The possibilities are endless for this adventurous spirit – one of these days, you may just find Terry driving an old jeep around the dirt roads of Costa Rica, or paddling the gorgeous islands around Phuket, or hosting a tasting room in New Zealand…you never know, and that’s the fun of it!

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