Jessica T.

Jessica T.

Jessica, Hilton, Suggests, Travel, blog, Contributor

Jessica likes to travel by immersion. It’s not enough to see the highlights of a city; she feels that she gets the most out of a wander-vacation when she interacts with the local culture. She thinks that the best way to connect with people is through language, and would love to add more languages to her current 4 language repertoire. So far she’s visited 16 countries, and aspires to add Greece, Argentina, Croatia, St. Petersburg, & Cappadocia to her dossier someday!


Jessica’s top three tips for traveling?

  1. Don’t visit a city during peak dates (i.e. carnival, World Cup, or New Year’s Eve). Unless you’re going specifically there to attend that event, you won’t really get to experience the charm of the city because it will be so swarmed with other tourists.
  2. Find out from TripAdvisor forums, travel blogs, or- even better- from the locals what basic things like taxi rides are supposed to cost to avoid being overcharged.
  3. Make sure to check if there are any national holidays going on when you’re in destination. In many places in Latin America & Europe, religious observances are national holidays, and some businesses and restaurants close that day as a result. Plan your itinerary accordingly!
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