Frankie D

Frankie D

Frankie DeSoto

Whether it be by cruise ship or airplane, Frankie loves to travel to the Caribbean so you can say that he’s an island hopper. He enjoys being immersed in the food, music and culture of each island and talk about them to other interested travelers. Frankie enjoys blogging, reading comic books, media research and working out.


Frankie’s top three tips for traveling?

  1. Open up a Flickr account to upload vast amounts of pictures from your travels.
  2. Spend more time exploring the local spots rather than the more popular touristy ones.
  3. Impress the locals, learn some of the language before you go or use a translator on your smartphone to strike up conversation.
Post by Hilton Suggests Team Member, Frankie D. What are your favorite things to do in Puerto Rico? Can we help you with other recommendations? Tweet us and let us know how we can help!
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