Erik T.

Erik T.

Erik, Park, City

Erik is a hospitality management professional with deep roots in Park City.  He grew up in Utah and worked and played in Park City for many years before moving to Washington, DC.  He makes frequent visits back to his mountain home because its breathtaking beauty doesn’t exist anywhere else in the world!

Erik’s Top 3 Traveler Tips:
1. Go somewhere that is different or that scares you every so often.
2. Keep your boarding pass and iPhone with you at all times.
3. Live in the “now” when you’re on vacation and leave your cares at home!


Erik’s Top 3 Tips for Park City:
1. When in winter, bring a coat, gloves and an all-wheel-drive vehicle with you.
2. Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory makes the best hot chocolate in the City, and the DoubleTree Hotel has the best cookies.
3. Watching the sunrise or sunset in Park City is more than worth the time!

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