Amanda B.

Amanda B.

Amanda, Hilton Suggests, Travel Blog

Amanda is a helper at heart and native San Diegan. She’s come to be known as the travel expert within her family, friends and colleagues, and loves passing along travel tidbits to those headed on their own adventures. Her favorite places she’s visited so far have been Thailand, Costa Rica, Peru and Spain. She loves cooking, yoga, and of course, planning her next adventure.


Amanda’s top tip to make your dream vacation a reality: Plan for it! Even if you don’t have a plane ticket, start checking out travel blogs, books and talking about it. You should even check flights, train schedules, and hotels. You may even surprise yourself by realizing how attainable your wildest dream trip is!

Amanda, Hilton Suggests, Travel Blog This post was written by Hilton Suggests Team Member, Amanda B. Have you traveled to San Diego before? Let us know if we can we help you with any other recommendations. Tweet us for more great local travel tips!
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