We are Hilton Worldwide team members who love to travel the world and show off the hidden gems in our hometowns. Our mission is help travelers around the world with tips and suggestions that will make their travel journey more memorable. Scroll down to see some of our favorite destinations or tweet us for suggestions @HiltonSuggests. If you’re lucky, we may find you on Twitter first and surprise you with a tip or two. All recommendations are based on team members’ personal experiences and opinions. Learn more about Hilton Suggests.

Featured Stories and Local Suggestions from our Team

The St. Louis Arch over the Courthouse Family-Friendly Fun on a Budget in St. Louis

When asked, “What do you know about St. Louis, Missouri?” most people will respond, “The Arch,” a 630-foot ...

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View of the Ocean and the sunrise Walk Your Way Around Sydney

The most frequently used images of Sydney all have one thing in common – from the Sydney Opera House to lifeg...

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pool, blue sky, summer How to Explore Astoria, New York in Two Days

It’s nearly impossible to feel like you’ve done it all in New York City.  There are 24,000 restaurants and 83 ...

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Cheetah Lounging on a rock Magnificent Western Cape Farm Stays

Are you looking for a holiday that won’t cost you an arm and a leg? A farm stay in and around Cape Town is what y...

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illuminated art exhibit Summer in the City – Cool Ways to Beat the Houston Heat

Summer in Houston means high temperatures, but in the city described as the “most air-conditioned place on earth,...

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Sunset and landscape A Tuscan Adventure

Although I was born and raised in the United States, I am a proud dual citizen of both the U.S. and Italy.  I have...

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    Lala S Lala S

    A Chicago native and foodie, Lala enjoys trying ne...

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    Virginia W Virginia W

    Virginia is a native New Yorker who has been in th...

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    Grace B Grace B

    Grace was born and raised in the San Francisco Bay...

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    Erik, Park, City Erik T.

    Erik is a hospitality management professional with...

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    LeanneT Leanne T

    Leanne hails from London, England. She has a natu...

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    Vanessa S Vanessa S

    Vanessa is the Social Media Director at Hilton Wo...

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    Vanessa R Vanessa R

    As a native of Los Angeles, Vanessa has experience...

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    Alexandra S Alexandra S

    Traveling is at the top of Alexandra’s to-do...

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