We are Hilton Worldwide team members who love to travel the world and show off the hidden gems in our hometowns. Our mission is help travelers around the world with tips and suggestions that will make their travel journey more memorable. Scroll down to see some of our favorite destinations or tweet us for suggestions @HiltonSuggests. If you’re lucky, we may find you on Twitter first and surprise you with a tip or two. All recommendations are based on team members’ personal experiences and opinions. Learn more about Hilton Suggests.

Featured Stories and Local Suggestions from our Team

Cliff landscape in The Old City Dubrovnik Discover Dubrovnik

Located in the south of Croatia lies the city of Dubrovnik, known as ‘The Pearl of the Adriatic’. Dubrovnik is ...

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View of the lawn at Central Park with the skyline in the background. 5 Ways to Do NYC Like a Local

If you’ve already been to New York and seen all the major sights, your next visit may find you itching to explore...

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View of the Clyde Arc over the River CLyde A Day Trip to Glasgow

Glasgow is a vibrant city, going through an impressive transformation in the wake of arguably the most successful C...

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Giraffe Center Nairobi – An Oasis in the Heart of Kenya

“Jambo,” meaning Hello, is heard throughout the welcoming city of Nairobi. The cosmopolitan city is the vibrant...

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Two Cocktails on a bar next to fruit. 4 Ways to Explore the Nightlife in Shanghai

If you are looking for a watering hole in Shanghai, you can rest easy. In fact, there are so many excellent choices...

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View of the city from Mount Royal in Montreal. 5 Reasons to Visit Montreal this Summer

Montreal is home to a diverse offering of events and festivals year-round. The summer season, and this year in part...

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    Lala S Lala S

    A Chicago native and foodie, Lala enjoys trying ne...

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    Virginia W Virginia W

    Virginia is a native New Yorker who has been in th...

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    Grace B Grace B

    Grace was born and raised in the San Francisco Bay...

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    Erik, Park, City Erik T.

    Erik is a hospitality management professional with...

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    LeanneT Leanne T

    Leanne hails from London, England. She has a natu...

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    Vanessa S Vanessa S

    Vanessa is the Social Media Director at Hilton Wo...

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    Vanessa R Vanessa R

    As a native of Los Angeles, Vanessa has experience...

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    Alexandra S Alexandra S

    Traveling is at the top of Alexandra’s to-do...

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