We are Hilton Worldwide team members who love to travel the world and show off the hidden gems in our hometowns. Our mission is help travelers around the world with tips and suggestions that will make their travel journey more memorable. Scroll down to see some of our favorite destinations or tweet us for suggestions @HiltonSuggests. If you’re lucky, we may find you on Twitter first and surprise you with a tip or two. All recommendations are based on team members’ personal experiences and opinions. Learn more about Hilton Suggests.

Featured Stories and Local Suggestions from our Team

gold Buddha statue 5 Ways to Have Fun in Thailand

As one of Asia’s primary travel destinations, Thailand offers mouthwatering food, beautiful beaches, and glitteri...

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colorful stained glass ceiling and Christmas trees with lights Fall in Love with Toronto This Autumn

Toronto has everything you need to see, eat, and experience! Also known as “The Six,” not because the a...

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Bridge over the Memphis River against the sunset Ultimate Guide to Exploring Memphis, Tennessee

Memphis, Tennessee is internationally known as the home of Elvis Presley, but there’s much more to see than the h...

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Colorful houses built on the edge of a cliff Hiking the Riviera Coastline of Cinque Terre

Cinque Terre (Italian for ‘five lands’) consists of five remote cities perched above the western Italian coastl...

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View of Rotterdam skyline from the euromast. A Hipster’s Guide to Rotterdam

The next time you are visiting the Netherlands, make sure to plan a weekend to the city that CNN has dubbed, “Cap...

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friends outside sitting int he sand 24-Hours in Ras Al Khaimah

Mention Ras Al Khaimah (RAK) to anyone outside the UAE and chances are, you will get blank stares. Even amongst the...

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  • Meet the team behind hilton suggests

    Janel A.

    Janel is a free-spirited Filipina who loves to da...

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    Julia Lanc Julia L.

    Born and raised a Torontonian, Julia loves to expl...

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    Brenda W.

    Brenda is a passionate advocate for her home city ...

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    Alyson M.

    At the age of 12, Alyson traveled to Germany with ...

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    Nikki S.

    I live in Amsterdam but travel to Hague and Rotte...

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    Camel ride near pyramids Michelle T.

    Raised on the water since she was a young girl, Mi...

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    Team Member portrait Merilyn J.

    A few facts about Merilyn: Louis born and raised N...

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    Hilton Suggests Travel Blogger Alison S.

    When not traveling Alison is most likely researchi...

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